WINX Adventure Aircraft Company

The idea to build up a company for Adventure-Flying is not new at all. But to provide different „ways“ of ULTRALIGHT adventure-flying-options in just one company can be more interesting. So we additionally offer trips with our 600/650kg-Aircrafts for training or just for fun to beautiful wild nature sites of South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and some more countries. Both: for water-operations as well as for bushflying (with tailwheel or nose-wheel configuration EXPLORER) the same time!


The EXPLORER has opened up a whole new category of flying. With an empty weight around 340-360kg including a rescue system, this plane leaves ample room for exploring new frontiers whilst carrying a 105 liter fuel load and 30kg of luggage. With cruise speeds ranging from 85-105kts depending on engine and propeller combinations, good STOL capabilities and good range, the Explorer will take you places and wont break the bank while doing so. “Dare to Explorer”!

The German UL Type-Certificate (“Musterzulassung”) was issued in December 2019.

Development and refinement of the product is ongoing, engine choices tried and tested with excellent results are Rotax 582, 912UL and 912ULS, Rotax 912 ULST, Rotax 914, Rotax 912iS, Rotax 915iS, Jabiru 2200, 3300, Rotec radial 2800, UL 260i, Lycoming and Verner radial. Options are actively explored with spring gear, Berringer Alsakan Bushwheel and landing gear, EFIS instrumentation, brake systems, propellers, STOL modifications and full airframe fairing kits. One of the famous details is, that the gear can easily be changed from the Taildragger-Version to the 3-Wheel-Version. No experts needed for this! So you always have the “right” plane for your flying acitivities!

AERO 2019



Kitplanes for Africa - KfA -

Company History

Established in 1993, Kitplanes for Africa – KfA – (based near Johannisburg, South Africa) started producing Microlight Taildraggers namend „Bushbaby“. This plane soon became South Africa’s best selling light aircraft. 2003 saw the birth of the EXPLORER, in essence a larger Bushbaby with some upgrades and subtle changes in the process. A third model was added in 2008 to the already popular pool called the SAFARI, which is the largest of the three models with a maximum take off weight of 750kg (Experimental) but restricted to 600kg in the LSA (light sport category).

To date Kitplanes for Africa has produced in excess of 400 airframes, some of which have been exported to Australia, USA, UK, Netherlands, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.


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